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Thursday, 30 September 2010

It is Autumn, Do I Need a Boiler Service?

If your boiler is still under warranty (usually under 2 years old) then you should have it serviced just before the end of 12 months after it was installed.  An annual boiler service is often required as part of the Terms and Conditions of any longer, extended guarantee.

If you boiler is not under warrantee then do you need one?  Well, of course it is in our vested interest to say yes, so that we can come and do it every year!  So here are some things to think about:
  • It does make sure the boiler is running safely and correctly.
  • If the boiler is not running right parts are more likely to be damaged resulting in expensive repair bills
  • The boiler could be burning more gas than it needs to making your fuel bills higher
  • Most people do have a regular boiler service
  • Most people wouldn't question the need to service & MOT their cars regularly.
When Should you Have a Boiler Service? 

About every 12 months, check in your owners manual.  The boiler needs to be OK, can't be serviced if it doesn't work, that is called a repair.  Ideally the heating should be off and cold before the service, so the end of summer or early autumn is the ideal time of year, hence the timing of this blog.  You may want to consult the last entry on how much a boiler service should cost.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

How Much Will A Boiler Service Cost?

The short answer is that this year MOST of our customers will pay £55, some will pay £65 and a few will pay over £100. 
We think that between £75 to £100 is a very reasonable price to pay for a Boiler Service.  The long answer is very long so here are a few short pointers:

1.   You must expect to pay for the time of a professional person, with expertise and specialist equipment. The only people who can do boiler services are Gas Safe Registered engineers.  They are highly trained and should be covered by expensive Public Liability Insurance. 

2.   Not all boilers and heating set-ups are the same. Some boiler services (especially on older models) could take well over an hour.  Modern boilers are easier to look after and the engineer might be done within 45 minutes.  It is not a 5 or 10 minute job.

3.   Not all boiler services are the same, the details of what should happen to your boiler will be in the Gas Boiler Owner's Manual, which you should keep.