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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The New Touch Screen Thermostat for Floor Heating from Warmup

We fit Warmup electric under floor heating in many, if not most, bathroom renovations but if I am perfectly honest I have never been happy with their thermostats.  They are too complicated, they are not intuitive and even after following the instruction booklet I have still found the set-up is all wrong.

They say a bad workman blames his tools, so I am quite happy to admit it is quite possibly nothing wrong with the thermostat and everything wrong with me.  I am a busy person in my 40's with too many other things going on to give my full attention to setting the programme for my underfloor heating.  Yes we have it in our house.  And we had it in our previous home. And perhaps i do need new glasses, it is not just that the screen is too small.

On the other hand lets suppose the fault is with the design.  For me the problem is not just the Warmup thermostats but most modern technology.  It does too many things, there are too many permutations for us to thing through.  At the same time the product has to look sleek and streamlined, which is another way of saying having very few buttons with no labels. 

A teenager may well have no problem working through an on screen menu to programme the heating to go on and off at different times every day of the week but I find I just dom't know which buttons to press.

The New 3iE Thermostat from Warmup

The new thermostat must be for gadget guys who already have iPads, iPhones and Blueberrys.  It has a 6cm colour screen with touch technology.  If my reading of the brochure is correct I can set up 10 different times for it to click on and off with different temperatures from a range of 0 to 50. 

I'm really not sure why anyone would need to programme so much variety into their underfloor heating.  Nevertheless, a big full colour display might be easier for me to see before my next set of new glasses.  All I want to know now is whether I can sync it with my online calendar and my iP... no only joking.

My husband loves these flash gadgets and is excited about upgrading to this thermostat so i will let you know how I get on.

Finally, because I do study the manuals i can answer one commonly asked question about floor thermostats.

Does the Underfloor Heating Thermostat measure the Temperature of the Room or the Floor?

If you have installed it yourself you will know that temperature probe is buried in the floor.  it is the floor temperature which is being recorded and reported.

To find out a little more about Under Floor Heating see the links on this page.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Which is better? Underfloor Heating or Gas Central Heating Installation?

A simple question is often far from simple! So, when you say are radiators or underfloor heating better do you mean:
easier to install?
cheaper to buy or run day to day?
or what will give the most comfortable room temperature and be easy to control?

My article, Underfloor Heating, Is It Worth It, is an introduction to the subject with a video clip of an independent expert who definitely votes for UFH.

As you may guess, the answer also is not simple.
Both systems are very easy to install in a new emply house.  They can be easy to retro-fit but it depends on how much of the house can be disturbed and house much must be preserved.  These are big messy jobs ideally done before you redecorate.

Contrary to common myth underfloor heating can be put in to existing homes, throughout, just on one floor or in selected rooms is more common.  The UFH can be electric or hot water pipes plumbed in working with your radiators and boiler.

An alternative form of radiant heating worth considering in existing homes with less distruption than UFH is skirting board heating.  It is hidden and can be electric or part of the gas central heating.

If you want a quote for skirt heating, underfloor heating (including electric), or a complicated gas central heating installation in Kent give us a call on 01843 607192, or read more on our webste:

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Big storage combi boilers for bigger homes

Only hours after posting my blog about boilers for bigger homes in which I listed a few of the combi's which are available for homes with higher water demand, someone handed me a brochure with a boiler that I should have put in the list.

The Viessmann Vitodens 222-F combi is a storage appliance which delivers 20 litre of hot water per minute, pretty impressive for a combi.  These boilers are just a little more expensive than a Worcester Bosch Greenstar Highflow. 

It is also just a little too late at night for me to make any further comment about why you might choose one instead of another.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Looking for Combi for Large House with Two Bathrooms?

We can certainly fit combi boilers which are designed for larger houses with greater water demand. The boilers to choose from are:
  • Worcester-Bosch Greenstar combi CDi wall mounted with 30 kw heat output and delivers 15.2 lpm or 17.2 lpm of hot water depending on model.
  • For greater hot water flow rates you need the floor standing Greenstar Highflow heat output of 29 or 30 kw and 20 or 25 lpm.
 There are three alternatives to the Worcester range they are:
  • Vaillant EcoTEC Plus, heat output 28 kw, 20 lpm.
  • Alpha CD50 Storage Combi holds 52 litres of stored hot water and delivers 18 lmp. Alpha boilers come with a five year manufacturers' warranty.
  • The Viessmann Vitodens 222-F combi is a storage appliance which delivers 20 litre of hot water per minute.

 If you are hoping for a combi in your very big house with lots of ensuites, do not be disappointed if we recommend against it. Combi’s are not always suitable and they do come with some disadvantages and at the very least you must have good mains water pressure. 

A pressurised system boiler and cylinder is more often the best choice for busy family homes with multiple bathrooms.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How Much is the Cost of the Most Expensive Boiler Repair?

The most excpensive bill we have ever given a customer was over £900! This was to replace a fan and a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). 
If we were to do this on a typical Baxi I expect the cost may be around £600 or £700 (I'd have to check on the latest prices of parts) but on the boiler which we were attending to the parts alone came to over £700 inc VAT.
I don't know if anyone has paid over £1,000 for repairs on one boiler?

I don't want to mention the brand of boiler, it isn't one of the cheapest, but I will say that it would have cost about £2,500 for us to supply and fit a replacement identical boiler.