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Sunday, 7 August 2011

How Big Should The Radiators Be?

Radiator sizing is complicated. You have to take into account
  • the size of the room,
  • ceiling height,
  • heat loss through walls, floor, ceiling, doors and windows.

To do this calculation you need to know the "U values" of the various construction materials.
There are online calculaters which will give a rough guide to rad sizes but to be sure it is best to use professional tools. You can do the heat loss calculations room by room yourself manually or down load the free Stelrad Stars programme which is used by professionals.

Want to know more? I found this video on youtube but let me warm you it is a bit long - takes 7 minutes to deliver 3 minutes of info:

Saturday, 6 August 2011

What Size Boiler do I Need?

Your heating engineer will work out the best size of boiler for your house by taking account of:
  • the size of your house and number of radiators
  • the construction of your house - such as insullation
  • the location of your house (how cold does it usually get in winter)
  • what are the demands for hot water
If you are replacing an old boiler the new one may be a different size because of changes in your home and changes in boiler technology.  A bigger boiler is not better, getting the right size is important for the heating system to work well and efficiently.  

You can calculate the size of your boiler using the tool on the Institute of Domestic Heating & Environmental Engineers website here.
Or you can try the Whole House Boiler Sizing Tool at the Energy Saving trust website