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Friday, 3 February 2012

Buying a Carbon Monoxide Alarm/ CO Detector

You don't need to spend a fortune on a Carbon Monoxide Alarm, it should cost you between £20 - £30 and be really simple to use.
I think the best sort are the maintenance free type which you just buy, they run on batteries, you hang on  a hook on the wall and they last for 7 years.

You can buy CO alarms in Plumbing shops, DIY shops, supermarkets, etc...
Do not get those cheap detectors that just change colour - chances are you will not be looking at the detector when you need to!

Here is a list but but others may be just as good or better:
Fireangel 7 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm £25 in Tesco
or 2 alarms for £22 in Argos:
Kidde Carbon Monoxide Basic Alarm Twin Pack

Important About a Carbon Monoxide Alarm!
  • It must have a loud audible alarm which will wake you up.
  • You should have one in every room where there is a gas appliance: eg gas fire, portable calor gas heater, cooker, boiler.
  • It should be positioned about half way up the wall - think light switch.
About 30 people a year die from CO poisoning in the UK. More than half of them are over 40 years old and more than half of them are home owners.  So it is not just young poor students and tenants who are at risk.

If you want to know losts more you can read my ebook Gas Safety in the Home.

And here is the book cover:

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What About Fitting Second Hand Used Boilers to Save Money?

Ebay for preloved jeans is one thing but is is rarely worth while to pay a heating engineer to move a used boiler from one property and fit it in another.

You see, lets suppose the full price for a new boiler supplied and fitted is £2,000, the actual cost of the boiler will probably be less than half of this.  There are various other materials which must be bought, in addition to the engineer's labour costs.  Even though you will save money on the cost of the boiler you will need to pay for it to be carefully removed from the first address. Then after it is fitted you will have paid a lot of money for a product which is no longer covered by the manufacturer's warranty (2 years is typical).

Moving House - Can I Take My Boiler With Me?

There is no law against it.  This is what the law requires when it comes to moving boilers:

Any boiler which is relocated, even within the same house, must have the manufacturer's installation instructions. If these have been lost it is usually possible to obtain a replacement copy. If the installer buys them, when the boiler has been moved they must be left with the home owner.
Other things that the second hand boiler must have in order to be moved are:
  • Must have a CE mark
  • Data plate must have readable data plate with GB mark confirming suitable for use in the UK,
  • reg no. of surveillance body,
  • details of the gas type & pressure for which the appliance is design.
Finally, the boiler must be installed by a competent Gas Safe Registered heating engineer and a certificate will be issued as per Building Regulations.

The new installation is also notifiable under Building Regulations; the heating engineer will take care of this. The boiler must be an A rated, high efficiency condensing appliance.