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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Is there any benefit to getting New Radiators to replace Old Rads?

You might think a radiator is just a radiator - it has no moving parts, it never wears out so once they are in they last forever.  And indeed they do!
I have seen refurbished houses with new boilers and old panel radiators, so old they were fitted before my husband became a plumber! 30 years +
Yes these radiators should be replaced for very good economic reasons.

Let us just re-cap on how our central heating works.  The boiler heats up water which is pumped around the house to all the radiators.

More efficient radiators are continuously coming on to the market - giving out greater heat from the same foot print with lower internal water temperatures and less water.

I will repeat that - modern radiators use less water - a lot less.  that is less water to be warmed up and pumped around your house.  So replacing old radiators with new could reduce your heating bills without you having to turn down the stat. 

I have been very interested to hear about serial feed radiators: possibly the most efficient money saving radiator in the UK today.  They heat up quicker, use little water and have a design which increases the radiant heat in comparison to older style rads (most heat from any type of radiator is actually convection rather than radiant heat).  Fro more info see Stelrad Radical:

According to a recent article by a product manager at Stelrad (one of the main manufacturers of British radiators):

  • modern radiators typically use about 24% less water than rads pre-2000 (only 13 years old);
  • for some years now rads have had convector fins to improve efficiency - this design itself has also been improved and Stelrad's K3 is the latest
  • in 2013 serial rads offer 10% reduction in energy bills.


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