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Saturday, 17 August 2013

When Should the Boiler be Serviced? Before the winter or after 12 months?

Most of us want reminders for annual events - other than Christmas and your own birthday, how many dates do you remember?  Modern cars monitor mileage and lights start flashing when the service is due, I often thought it would be good if boilers did that too.
Now some boilers do - see the Baxi clip below - but most of us just have to rely on our diaries.
A boiler should be serviced within 12 months of installation and then annually at approximately 12 month intervals.  If you can't remember when it was last done and you think it was more than a year agp it is best to get it done before the winter sets in for a whole number of reasons:

  • it is easier to get hold of a gas engineer in the summer and some offer special rates;
  • if there are problems you want them identified and repaired before it get really cold and before the boiler completely stops working;
  • you want to make sure it still works now when it is warm, not when an Arctic breeze blows over.

Now - I just need a good system for reminding myself before the car MOT is due.

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