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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How Quickly Can I Expect to Get My Boiler Replaced?

If you are planning new central heating or routine upgrades to your heating or replacing you boiler then you should get quotes at least 6 weeks before you want the work done.  Making contact with heating engineers two or three months in advance is sensible.
Unless there is an emergency do not expect to find someone who can replace your boiler or install new heating within two weeks of you first phoning them.  Most will be too busy and will only achieve this miracle if there is a real emergency.


  • It could take two weeks for them to fit you in for a quote and get it back to you in writing.
  • Heating engineers are booked up in advance all year round, but are especially busy in the coldest months, October-February.
  • The quotes may be very different to what you expect and the heating engineers may make recommendations that you need to consider.
So what if the boiler DIES in the cold mid-winter.  How quickly can you get it replaced?  If possible many heating engineers will be able to shuffle some work around and work at the weekend to make sure vulnerable people have heating within a few days.

If there is only 1 heating engineer for 100 miles you may have to wait or contact a big national company such as British Gas.  Most of us live in highly populated counties like Kent so there will be small businesses, local and independent heating installers who can help you out.

Today, there is just 5 full working weeks left before Christmas (in my diary) yet our phone is red hot with calls from people who want work done before Christmas (perhaps there is a 13th month in their calendars). Small jobs and emergencies we can manage.  
Larger jobs, however, that could have been planned months ago should have been planned months ago.  When we undertake a full central heating installation, for example, it is usually in our diary 6 to 8 weeks earlier.