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Are Combi Boilers Good?

Most new boilers installed in this country are Combi boilers, that is short for combination boiler.  The combination is that it is a water heater as well as source of central heating.

There is a good reason for them being so popular and it is not just because they are cheap to buy or cheap to install.

They are ideal for small homes and small families because they take up physically less space than the alternatives because there is no requirement for a separate cylinder.  They are efficient to run because they only heat up water as it is used, they do not heat up surplus hot water which is then stored.

Combi boilers are not ideal for all situations.  The disadvantages of a combination boiler are that they require strong mains water pressure; they will fill a bath slowly but are great for showers; are not so good if water is being drawn at a number of places.

The biggest, best combi boiler boast that they can provide a good flow of water to 2 or 3 different showers.  Some of these combis have a store of hot water to help provide this.  In most homes, however, it is not often that 2 or 3 people will be drawing water at the same time.