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Tara Heating are based in Ramsgate and we install gas central heating systems, new radiators and replacement boilers in Thanet, Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate and across Kent including Whitstable, Sittingbourne, Dover and Deal.

We do NOT repair boilers, there are others who are experts in this.  If you have a fault with your boiler you should contact either the company who installed it or the boiler manufacturer.

You might now point out - but what if Tara installed your boiler? Good question, well spotted.  If there is a fault with a boiler that we have fitted then we can help.  Give us a call.  It may still be that we call out the boiler manufacturer but we can assess that for you.

If you want a boiler service or a Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate, we only provide these for existing customers, in other words, only if we have installed you boiler.  There are reasons, which I will not go into here but they may become the subject of a future blog.

Finally, as you might guess from our email address, we don't just do heating.  Tara Plumbing & Heating undertake all types of plumbing work, find out about this at my Tara bathroom blog.